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A Film Dishtory – Who’s the Burger of Them All?

A Film Dishtory – Who’s the Burger of Them All?

Who’s the burger of them all? Quentin Tarantino has no doubt: Big Kahuna Burger is the only way to go. Scroll down for trivia, shenanigans, and recipe variations.

There is no business like show business, and ain’t no burger like Big Kahuna – or so goes the saying. With a name that bears greatness on its own – a big kahuna equates with the chieftain of your local tribe – Quentin Tarantino’s Big Kahuna Burger is the ultimate cinephile bit that’ll satisfy both priet(esse)s and agnostics of the seventh art. Here’s the story of the Burger of all Burgers: buckle up.

“The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast”, badass prêt-à-porter: it’s no news that Tarantino likes to play God within his filmic brainchild-universe – from meddling up storylines to genealogies of sort, the Quentinverse contains much more than a couple of stranded characters. And no “best of all possible worlds” might compete for first place without being equipped with first-class fresh products and top-notch fast-food. Welcome to Pulpville, honey. So here it comes: the Quentinverse’s signature specialty, the most famous take on the all-American serving par excellence – Hawaiian-born Big Kahuna Burger.

With a dedicated package created by Tarantino’s friend Jerry Martinez and 9 franchise cameos across Quentin’s filmography, the Big Kahuna inspired countless real-life mouth-watering variations. However, some tenets hold still, namely: melted cheese (lots of), caramelised pineapple (do use butter), and teriyaki sauce. If you’re up to the Kahuna challenge, here’s the step-by-step guide to Burger Heaven: are you ready to kick the day off in pure Pulp Fiction swag?

Tips to feel fancy in the Burger world:


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