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Boy Meets Boy: A Berlin Connection (Review)

A quickly formed but fleeting liaison is the shining centre of Daniel Sánchez López’s Boy Meets Boy that highlights connection and Berlin in equal measure.

Sweet Girl: Not-So-Sweet Revenge Thriller (Review)

Despite good performances from Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced, Sweet Girl has plot ambitions its action-thriller end result can’t meet.

The Road Dance: Hope and Grief in the Hebrides (Edinburgh Review)

Richie Adams’ The Road Dance is a thoughtful tale of grief and hope, as well as a visually stunning reflection of the harshness of life on the Hebrides in WW1.

Only Murders in the Building: Murder Mystery Fun (Review)

Only Murders in the Building sees its central trio jumping on the true crime bandwagon, in a fun and engaging series that plants its own tongue firmly in its cheek.

Annette: Bizarrely Out-of-Tune (Edinburgh Film Festival Review)

Overlong, a tad pretentious and with the most terrifying supporting character of the year, Leos Carax’s Annette is a musical that falls flat.

The Beta Test: Some-Strings-Attached Sex (Edinburgh Review)

The Beta Test is a sharp thriller from writing/directing team Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe that answers the question: what’s the harm in an anonymous one-night-stand?

Walk with Angels: Post-Apartheid Injustices (Edinburgh Film Festival Review)

Aiming its focus on child abductions in poverty-stricken South Africa, Tomasz Wysokinski’s Walk with Angels is a harrowing, compelling documentary that toys with sensationalism.

Europa: Fear and Determination in Migration (Edinburgh Review)

Haider Rashid’s Europa is a poignant, tense and enlightening look at the perils of migration through an intimate story about a boy from Iraq.

Jack Rowan and Louisa Harland on Boys From County Hell (Interview)

The stars of Irish vampire horror-comedy Boys from County Hell, Jack Rowan and Louisa Harland, discuss their involvement with the film and the excitement for its release this Friday.

Pray Away: Consequences of ‘Conversion’ (Review)

Kristine Stolakis’ debut documentary Pray Away details the horror and harm inflicted by advocates of so-called conversion therapy upon LGBTQ+ people in their attempt to ‘pray the gay away’.