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The Royal Treatment (Review): Meet Me In Latavia

While it doesn’t offer any surprises or revolutionise Netflix ’s subgenre of royal romcoms, The Royal Treatment is sweet, funny and feels nostalgic.

The Panola Project (Sundance Review): Local Hero

The Panola Project recounts the relentless and inspiring efforts of Dorothy Oliver to get everyone in her small Alabama town vaccinated against COVID-19.

Hallelujah (Sundance Review): Family Ties

Hallelujah, from writer/director Victor Gabriel, is a compelling ‘traumedy’ short that explores family ties, the Black experience and the casual horrors of gun violence.

State Funeral (Review): National Mourning

Sergey Loznitsa’s remarkable yet gruelling documentary State Funeral uses archived propaganda footage to detail the death of Joseph Stalin and a nation’s muted response.

Memory Box (Review): The Power of Photos

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige’s Memory Box is a hyper-stylised but emotionally affecting film about the past, the present, trauma and memory.

Stop-Zemlia (Review): Teenage Trials and Tribulations

Kateryna Gornostai’s Stop-Zemlia is an effective – if overlong – encapsulation of being a teenager, of first loves and self-discovery and the intensity of emotions and external pressure.

Hawkeye (Series Finale Review): Hitting the Mark

Hawkeye ’s series finale ties up its loose ends – some more satisfactorily than others – and remains as fun as ever as we ring in Christmas with our new favourite duo.

Bliss (Glück) Review: (Self) Love is Scary

Henrika Kull’s debut Bliss (Glück) is an intimate – if a bit quick – encapsulation of the vulnerabilities of falling in love and accepting yourself.

Hawkeye (Episode 5 Review): Nock, Hold, Release.

Episode 5 of Hawkeye adds and removes villains from the board, and delivers on the small moments that make this show so consistently enjoyable.

Sisters (Soeurs) FFF Review: Slow Start, Better Finish

Yamina Benguigui’s Sisters (Soeurs) wants to tackle generational trauma and complex family dynamics, but ends up feeling a little tired and confused.