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The Outsiders: Saving a Novel from Itself (Review)

Uniquely and stunningly overdramatic, The Outsiders is turned by Francis Ford Coppola and his cast, against all odds, into an incredibly engrossing picture.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: A Bit of a Drag (Review)

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is wonderful when leaning into the camp, but is a little too by-the-books to be truly fabulous.

Mr Klein: Walking the Line Between Citizen and Alien (Review)

Mr Klein, Joseph Losey’s thriller of mistaken identity in Vichy France, is all-too-relevant in this glorious restoration.

Anne at 13,000 ft: Ultra-Indie Drama is Uniquely, Understatedly Terrifying (Review)

Anne at 13,000 ft. is a low-budget character study that plays like a psychological horror, and a confident portrait of a woman in freefall.

Val: Hollywood as Told by its Golden Boy (Review)

Unashamedly subjective, Val is a unique treatise on the art of acting by one of the industry’s most enigmatic figureheads.

The God Committee (Review): Stage-to-Screen Transplant Lives and Breathes

While it occasionally leans too far into hospital melodrama, The God Committee has enough heart to successfully tackle its tricky subject matter.

Sing, Freetown: One Play for the Soul of a Nation (Review)

Moving, sympathetic and dazzlingly rhythmic, Sing, Freetown is that rare documentary that not only captures but stands alongside the struggles of its subjects.

Quiz: A Very British Scandal (Review)

Light and forgettable but wonderfully entertaining, Quiz throws us back into one of the most bizarre controversies of the last decade.

Johnny Mnemonic: What if Keanu Reeves were a USB Stick? (Review)

Bewildering, nonsensical, and by equal turn genius and downright idiotic, Johnny Mnemonic is a cyberpunk relic you unearth at your own risk.

Coded Bias: AI Will Not Save Us (Review)

Clear-minded and led by charismatic subjects, Coded Bias succeeds despite its shortfalls to offer a haunting takedown of AI evangelism.