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Vanishing Point (Review): A Multi-Faceted Car Chase

Vanishing Point presents an American state-crossing car chase ripe for narrative interpretations and thematic metaphors. 

Beasts Clawing At Straws (Review): A Shark-Tattooed Debut

Beasts Clawing at Straws utilises genre familiarities to its advantage, creating a witty and original story in a niche generally thought to be extinct.

The Naked Island (1960): Islands, Ocean, and Emotional Comfort

The Naked Island (1960) is a movie about a family of four surrounded by the ocean and neighbouring islands. It concerns their highs, and their lows.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, Due to the Lunatics Running Around (Review)

Despite the title, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight does feature multiple people sleeping in the woods at night. I won’t hold this against it if you don’t.

Wendy: As Beautiful a Mess Can Be (Review)

Wendy is not just an explosive celebration of childhood adventure and rediscovering joy as an adult, but of the planet Earth itself.

Ammonite: A Story Of Opposites Told Best By Hands (LFF Review)

Ammonite isn’t exactly a gem among fossils, or as memorable as similar exhibitions, but it’s certainly shiny. Maybe something like a quartz.

On The Silver Globe, a Movie Devoid of Daleks

On The Silver Globe and Doctor Who, a crossover that likely has only ever happened in one or two universes parallel to ours. Those universes are doing fiction right.

Enyedi’s My Twentieth Century and My Analogical Bat-Signal

My Twentieth Century is a story about two sisters, a man, and an inventor, narrated by a pair of easily-distracted stars.