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Americanized (Review): Caught Between Cultures

Americanized is an emotive short film that highlights the internal and external struggle of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage in American high schools.

The Duke: Broadbent Versus The BBC (Review)

The Duke is a hilariously nostalgic film about one bighearted working class man and his fight against the obnoxious BBC TV License.

Moonbound: Peter Pan Meets the Moon Man (Review)

Moonbound is a cosmic adventure rooted in German folklore that sparkles with colour, sound, and galactic imagination, but lacks in narrative structure.

The Offering: Catalan Cinema Transcends (Review)

The Offering is an intense psychodrama where the act of forgiveness, and the extent to which we’ll go to receive it, destructs that which we try to salvage.

The Fever: Indigenous Identity Under Fire (Review)

The Fever is an auditory art experience that shows the ambiguous struggle between indigenous cultural practices and the industrialised city of Manaus in the Amazonas.

Casanova, Last Love: Lust, Love and London (Review)

Casanova, Last Love shows what happens when we confuse lust for love, through a heated courtship between a young girl and a man of age.

Snatch: British Gangsters Botch Up (Review)

Snatch is an iconic British crime-comedic film with a celebrity cast portraying blundering British underground thugs on the dawn of the 21st century.

The Surrogate: Moral High Grounds and Theatrics (Review)

The Surrogate is a theatrical exploration of hardship during pregnancy, and shows the human side of a difficult ethical and moral decision.

Katla: Icelandic Folk Tale Enthrals (Review)

Netflix ’s Katla is an ethereal Nordic noir that uses atmosphere and character development to craft a compelling and intriguing slow-burning thriller.

Fatherhood: Raising a Child Takes a Village (Review)

With Kevin Hart as recently widowed Matt Logelin, Fatherhood shines a bright light on how a sudden single parent can become a beloved and loving dad.