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Silent Night (Review): Christmas Film Meets Apocalypse

Camille Griffin’s satirist Christmas film Silent Night is ambitious in its social commentary but forgettable in its narrative and nuance.

King Richard (Review): A Story of Heroes

King Richard is a heart-warming biopic that highlights the power of familial love and its ability to make dreams come true.

Birds of Paradise: A Captivating Coming-of-Age Movie (Review)

Birds of Paradise tackles crucial coming-of-age dilemmas through the journey of two exceptional ballet dancers.

The Capote Tapes: He Was Every Man and No Man (Review)

The Capote Tapes is a fascinating homage to one of America’s greatest novelists and most talked about socialite.

The Last Bus: Timothy Spall Dazzles in Road-for-Romance Movie (Review)

The Last Bus presents a mesmerising Timothy Spall, who plays a heroic OAP duty-bound to take on one last trip.

The Last Letter from Your Lover: Nostalgia and the Eternality of Love (Review)

The Last Letter from Your Lover’s dual narrative unites generations of romanticists in its captivating look at the omnipresence of love.

Honeydew: Sawyer Spielberg Stars in Lacklustre Horror (Review)

Honeydew is a respectable horror until its twist forfeits any believability, turning it into an illogical comedy that will leave you confused.

My First Summer: A Tender Tale of Young Sapphic Love (BFI Flare Review)

.My First Summer is a dazzling young coming-of-age story that encapsulates the magic of first love with a surety commonly displayed by more established directors.

Our Father: The Complexities of Sorrow and Sisterhood (SXSW Review)

Our Father is a compelling story of sisters under strain. Reuniting in a pursuit of selfhood and purpose, will they find what they’re looking for?

Our Midnight: A Captivating Ode To Lost Souls (GFF Review)

Our Midnight addresses the directionless and disheartened with its story of two strangers who find solace together in the sleeping streets of Seoul.