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The Tender Bar (Review): A Memoir to Forget

Ben Affleck shines in George Clooney’s latest film The Tender Bar, a homegrown American memoir with a focus on sentimentality.

Hideout (Review): Ominous Fun

Kris Roselli’s supernatural thriller Hideout provides you with a good idea of where it’s going immediately but creates a twisty good time in its route to the end.

Being The Ricardos (Review): I (Kinda) Love Lucy

Being The Ricardos boasts Aaron Sorkin’s best script in over half a decade and electrifying performances that bring his writing to life, in this look at the turbulent backstage activity behind I Love Lucy.

Encanto (Review): A Super-Family Movie

Disney’s latest animated movie Encanto may be a familiar tale, but in presentation it is a visual treat and an infectious delight.

Michael Bay ‘s Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Join us on this journey through robot aliens, exploding cars, American culture, and Michael Bay’s movies ranked from worst to best.

loud and clear reviews The Lion King 1994 political analysis
The Lion King (1994): A Political Analysis

Disney’s The Lion King (1994) is a wonder of animated storytelling that thoroughly explores problematic politics and power dynamics.

Bad Times At The El Royale (Review): Reflecting On The Sins Of The Past

Built upon layers of self-reflection, Bad Times At The El Royale is a throwback to star-powered bottle films of an era past rich in colors, characters, and social commentary.

Magic Mike XXL: The America That Could Be (Review)

Magic Mike XXL is a cathartic redemptive response to its more cynical-minded predecessor, and a joyous, optimistic look to the future.

Gunpowder Milkshake: A Fizzling Flare-Up Of Phosphorescent Femininity (Review)

Gunpowder Milkshake’s title suggests a sugar rush with a bang, but, while the film has its moments of fun, it is mostly an empty experience.

Jennifer’s Body: Unfortunately Ahead Of Its Time (Review)

Jennifer’s Body is a horror comedy that provides a laser-sharp look into femininity within the cut-throat culture of high school.