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Clapboard Jungle: The Behind-The-Scenes You Don’t Normally See (Review)

Clapboard Jungle provides a frank and sobering perspective of the modern film industry, though it will not appeal to everyone.

Lovecraft Country: The Horror and Drama of 1950s America (Review)

Despite some tonal problems, Lovecraft Country is a success propelled by strong design and aesthetics, and an excellent cast.

The Blackout: Invasion Earth – Tone-deaf Sci-fi Spectacle (Review)

Despite effective aesthetics, The Blackout: Invasion Earth ’s issues only become more glaring and problematic against the backdrop of the world in which it exists.

My Darling Vivian: A Nuanced Portrait of Vivian Cash (Review)

My Darling Vivian finally tells Vivian Liberto’s story, which is often ignored or diluted, and gives new insight into the life of Johnny Cash’s first love.

Paranormal: A Stand-out New Show from Up-and-Coming Talent (Review)

Paranormal examines family turbulence and inner turmoil through a supernatural lens that entertains and leaves you wanting more.

The Craft: Legacy – Modern Teen Drama Featuring Witches (Review)

The Craft: Legacy has a lot to say about gender roles and adolescence, but comes across as heavy-handed rather than illuminating.

Thaddeus’ Guide to Horror (For Beginners)

Interested in horror but don’t know where to start? Thaddeus has you covered with his helpful beginner’s guide to horror movies!

Nocturne: Beautiful Visuals Accompany Two Prodigy Sisters (Review)

Though low on frights, Nocturne is a good addition to the well-traveled “sibling rivalry” trope that boasts strong direction and visuals.

Evil Eye: A Dubious Boyfriend and a Misleading Marketing Campaign (Review)

Evil Eye will be a disappointment for people expecting a horror film, and squanders what could have been an interesting premise.

Black Box: Compelling Sci-Fi Supported by a Strong Cast (Review)

Black Box will stretch your state of disbelief, but for the viewers who like that sort of thing, it will absolutely be worth it.