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Licorice Pizza (Review): A Euphoric Californian Dream

Like taking a time machine back to the 1970s, Licorice Pizza is a delightful piece of cinema, one rich with detail, character and an undeniably charming playfulness.

Memoria (Review): An Enticing, Beguiling Masterpiece

Memoria is director Apichatpong Weerasethakul at his best and most daring, with its hypnotic tone and startlingly refreshing conclusion.

The Best Original Film Scores of 2021

We look back at what has been an excellent and varied year for original film scores and rank the 10 best to emerge from 2021.

Asakusa Kid (Review): Predictable but Tender Biopic

Asakusa Kid is not the sprawling account of Takeshi Kitano’s life you might expect, but instead is a satisfyingly intimate, focussed view of his formative years.

Encounter (Review): Intriguingly Fresh Sci-fi Drama

Encounter is a paranoid tragedy masquerading as a science fiction thriller, featuring fine work from Riz Ahmed and a deeply human current running through its centre.

Rebel Dykes (Review): Rebellious by Name, Rebellious by Nature

Rebel Dykes is a dynamic documentary that finds celebration in the face of discrimination, bringing a group of friends’ stories to life in vibrant and giddy detail.

Nowhere Special (Review): The Power of Parenthood

Rarely emotionally manipulative, Nowhere Special is a sensitive, true-to-life drama about a father and son facing a life-changing moment.

ear for eye (LFF Review): Challenging Call for Action

debbie tucker green’s ear for eye moves from the stage to the screen and retains its fierce voice through its rightly uncomfortable look at racism in the UK and the US.

Bull (2021): A Lean, Mean Crime Thriller (LFF Review)

Bull (2021) is a brutal tale told with an unflinching callousness whilst offering little reward or glory, only twisted revenge.

The Velvet Underground (Review): A Rocking Avant-Garde Journey

Todd Haynes’ The Velvet Underground is everything the band was: experimental, unique, energetic and, above all else, hypnotic.