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Ballad of a White Cow: Fighting Injustice (Edinburgh Review)

A restrained death penalty drama, Ballad of a White Cow is necessarily harsh in its tone but finds a tangible, human element to anchor its messages.

Mad God: A Slice of Prophetic Delirium (Edinburgh Review)

Mad God is an apocalyptic nightmare of the highest order and boasts some of the most impressive stop-motion animation and world-building of the year.

The Justice of Bunny King: Drama Done Right (Edinburgh Review)

The Justice of Bunny King is a rollercoaster of spiralling events, with a glowing heart at its centre and intelligent commentaries galore.

Prince of Muck: A Life of Farming, Family and Cows (Edinburgh Review)

Moving and quiet, Cindy Jansen’s documentary Prince of Muck takes the audience on an atmospheric, grounded journey to the remote reaches of the world.

Don’t Breathe 2: Middling Sequel Fails to Thrill (Review)

Gone is the tense and terrifying silence of the first film, replaced instead by the confused and cluttered noise of its sequel, Don’t Breathe 2.

Paddington 2: Cinema Gold for Children and Adults (Review)

Building on the success of the first film from 2014, Paddington 2 delivers an even more impressive celebration of pure decency and kindness breaking down evil.

Cinema Paradiso: Celebrating Childhood, Connection and Cinema (Review)

One of the greatest Italian films, Cinema Paradiso is a special, timeless classic that will make you smile and weep in equal measure.

Deerskin: Dujardin Dazzles in Absurdist Horror (Review)

Deerskin is director Quentin Dupieux’s latest foray into the sublimely surreal and is anchored by strong performances from Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel.

Bo Burnham: Inside: Side-splitting Comedy Special (Review)

Bo Burnham: Inside is one of the greatest films to emerge from the pandemic, an always funny, frequently scathing and often emotional tour-de-force of comedy.

Goodbye, Dragon Inn: A Bittersweet Ode to Cinema (Review)

Goodbye, Dragon Inn is a meditative, impactful farewell to a cinema in Taipei and exerts even more resonance when looked at through the lens of the past year.