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Wolf (Review): MacKay and Depp Sell Species Dysphoria Story

Wolf approaches its potentially preposterous premise with affecting authenticity, drawing painful parallels to terrorized communities today.

House of Gucci (Review): Lady Gaga Slays Second Major Film Role

House of Gucci shifts through several tones as it spotlights the dark side of power, pleasure, & privilege, but it’s anchored by an endlessly entertaining ensemble.

Drive My Car (AFI Review): Short Story Adaptation Stirs the Soul

Drive My Car may be a bit too patiently paced for some, but others will appreciate its skillfully subtle storytelling and astute analysis of grief.

Sing 2 (AFI Review): Symphonic Sequel Hits All the Right Notes

Thanks to tons of toe-tapping tunes and a charismatic voice cast, Sing 2 is a heartwarming crowdpleaser of the highest order.

Bruised (AFI Review): Berry is Fantastic in a Familiar Film

Halle Berry brings her all to Bruised, but the film is too familiar thematically to earn the explosive emotional impact it desires.

C’mon C’mon (Review): Mike Mills Has Made His Masterpiece

C’mon C’mon is a resonant reminder of the capability of compassion and communication to cure our emotional ills, led lovingly by Joaquin Phoenix & Woody Norman.

Swan Song (AFI Review): Mahershala Ali Delivers in Dual Roles

Swan Song is sci-fi at its most stripped down and stirring, with the masterful Mahershala Ali rooting the drama in grounded emotional realism.

Jockey (AFI Review): Clifton Collins Jr At His Career Best

Jockey hits a few familiar beats, but Clifton Collins Jr.’s captivating lead performance gives the film a raw power that’s impossible to resist.

tick, tick…BOOM! (AFI Review): Garfield’s Greatest Performance

Andrew Garfield is glorious in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tick, tick… BOOM!, an arresting adaptation of its soulful source material that should satisfy fans.

Belfast (Review): Balfe & Dornan Delight in Branagh’s Best Film

Belfast is cinema at its most magical and moving – a compassionate ode to childhood full of passionate performances from its exceptional ensemble cast.