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Inception: Nolan’s Engrossing and Enigmatic Epic Endures (Review)

Inception’s inspiring imagination and ingenious innovation are still as staggering and stimulating today as they were ten years ago.

Palm Springs: The Terrific “Time Loop” Comedy for the Troubles of Today (Review)

Palm Springs gives a fresh coat of paint to the oft-parodied plot of Groundhog Day with thought-provoking twists on that familiar formula.

Ghostbusters: A Blockbuster Blend of Horror and Hilarity

Ghostbusters galvanized the comedy genre as a ferociously funny fable with state-of-the-art special effects and scares to spare.

Masters of Love: A Refreshing Take on Recognizable Rom-Com Tropes (Review)

Masters of Love uses classic rom-com conventions to tell a comical chronicle about connection in the 21st Century.

Albert Shin on “Disappearance at Clifton Hill”: A Love Letter to Niagara Falls (Interview)

In an interview with Disappearance at Clifton Hill ’s writer-director Albert Shin, we learn the secrets behind the film’s suspenseful story and hear how Shin set out to celebrate this curious city.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill: A Mesmerizing, Mind-Bending Mystery (Review)

Disappearance at Clifton Hill ’s artful ambiguity and absorbing atmosphere amplify the tension in this thought-provoking thriller.

Minions: From Silly, Simple-Minded Sidekicks to Spin-Off Sensations

Minions officially turned these pill-shaped stooges into the stars of the Despicable Me series, but why are these buffoons so beloved?

Skyman: ‘Close Encounters’ for Found Footage Fans (Review)

Skyman is a compelling character study with a sci-fi bent that inventively inspects alien interactions…

Irresistible: Jon Stewart’s Scathing, Sharp-Witted Satire Soars (Review)

Irresistible is a clever and comedic commentary on the disconnect between today’s political parties and…

Top Gun (1986): Pure Pop Culture Phenomenon or Pro-War Propaganda? (Review)

Top Gun ’s ageless appeal pervades pop culture to this day, but some still view…