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Miss Americana (Review): Taylor Swift Sheds Her Secrecy and Shares Her Story

Miss Americana provides the widely praised singer-songwriter with the space to set her story straight and tell her truth.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”: One Year Later

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s pining for the past has come to parallel our current longing for lost cinemas in the time of coronavirus.

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” Crashes Comic Con @ Home

Before we catch the continued capers of these classic characters, the cast and crew of Bill & Ted take us through the series’ storied history.

Mulan: A Flawless Feminist Fable That Stands the Test of Time (Review)

Mulan was a revolutionary risk for Disney, but this ageless adventure still strikes a chord with audiences all these years later.

Euphoria: A Deep Dive into the Darkness of American Adolescence (Review)

Euphoria unflinchingly uncovers the terrors thrust upon today’s teens with raw realism, requiring its audience’s rapt attention.

Inception: Nolan’s Engrossing and Enigmatic Epic Endures (Review)

Inception’s inspiring imagination and ingenious innovation are still as staggering and stimulating today as they were ten years ago.

Palm Springs: The Terrific “Time Loop” Comedy for the Troubles of Today (Review)

Palm Springs gives a fresh coat of paint to the oft-parodied plot of Groundhog Day with thought-provoking twists on that familiar formula.

Ghostbusters: A Blockbuster Blend of Horror and Hilarity

Ghostbusters galvanized the comedy genre as a ferociously funny fable with state-of-the-art special effects and scares to spare.

Masters of Love: A Refreshing Take on Recognizable Rom-Com Tropes (Review)

Masters of Love uses classic rom-com conventions to tell a comical chronicle about connection in the 21st Century.

Albert Shin on “Disappearance at Clifton Hill”: A Love Letter to Niagara Falls (Interview)

In an interview with Disappearance at Clifton Hill ’s writer-director Albert Shin, we learn the secrets behind the film’s suspenseful story and hear how Shin set out to celebrate this curious city.