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Infinite: Wahlberg Anchors a Silly but Solid Sci-Fi Actioner (Review)

Infinite is at times comedically convoluted, but thanks to brilliant world-building and stellar action setpieces, it’s riotously entertaining regardless.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It: A Tiresome Threequel (Review)

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It can’t recapture the spooky spark that made the series so special, despite the efforts of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

All Conjuring Universe Films Ranked (From Worst to Best)

Since The Conjuring series returns to the big screen this Friday, we’ve ranked every eerie entry in the hit horror franchise so far.

A Quiet Place Part II Sets a New Standard for Horror Sequels (Review)

A Quiet Place Part II doubles down on what made its predecessor so popular, delivering another ridiculously riveting feat of filmmaking from John Krasinski.

All Disney Live-Action Remakes Ranked (From Worst to Best)

In honor of the impending release of Emma Stone’s Cruella, we revisit all Disney live-action remakes to date, ranked from worst to best.

In The Heights: The Musical Sensation of the Summer (Review)

In the Heights is an emotionally resonant epic that masterfully reinvigorates the musical genre with its electrifying ensemble and captivating choreography.

Army Of The Dead: Snyder’s Zombie Heist Film Hybrid Slays (Review)

Army of the Dead is a touch too long, but thanks to aggressive action & a surprisingly touching father-daughter-focused story, Snyder’s zombie epic entertains.

Spiral: A Ferocious Return to Form for the Saw Franchise (Review)

Spiral may stick to the Saw formula structurally, but the film’s scathing social commentary helps this sequel stand out regardless.

All Saw Films Ranked (From Worst to Best)

With Spiral set to hit theaters next week, we revisit all former Saw films, ranked from worst to best.

Stowaway: Suspenseful Sci-Fi Drama is a Tension-Filled Treat (Review)

Stowaway blends genre thrills with true tragedy, as Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, and Daniel Dae Kim deal with moral dilemmas whilst soaring through space.